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BG SEA Production Ltd (Ribex Topshell Ltd) is one of the largest companies, processing high quality top shell meat, in Bulgaria. We perform all stages of gathering, transportation, producing, storing and exporting our products to our customers. Our main target segment is international market and especially Eastern Asia.
Because of the Bulgarian laws, it is fordbiden to gather top shells by trawlers from the bottom of the Black Sea. That's why every single top shell we process is picked up by hand.

BG Sea Production diver
  • BG SEA Production Ltd works together with 76 professional divers using modern equipment and last techologies. Average ammount of top shells gathered per day is 20-40 tons during the season and 2 tons in winter time

  • BG SEA Production Ltd has at its disposal 38 boаts put out to sea almost every day. Average see time of all our boats is about 80 000 hour per year

 BG Sea Production  
  • BG SEA Production Ltd possesses its own trucks, minibuses and fuel cistern trucks with which it services between the different process links. During the years the company has developed excelent logistic net, making communications better and easier
 bG SEA Production boat  
  • BG SEA Production Ltd has its own factory for producing frozen top shell meat. It is international sertificated and has passed all EU requirements. We have a system of strict control on the whole process. The capacity of the factory is 4 tons finished products per 24 hours. It also has cold stores for storage of up to 40 t of products

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