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BG SEA Production Ltd offers its customers high quality top shell meat /Rapana Thomasiana/, gathered from Black Sea coast. It is better known as Rapana Venosa. Details about our products can be seen below:
    Sizes: LL, L, M, S, SS, SSS

    Quantity of pieces top shell meat per kilo:

    LL: 10-20 pieces
    L: 20-40 pieces
    M: 40-60 pieces
    S: 60-80 pieces
    SS: 80-120 pieces
    SSS: 120+ pieces

    The proportions of different sizes of top shell meat depends on the catch, but average one per container is:

    LL: 5 %
    L: 18 %
    M: 25 %
    S: 22 %
    SS: 19 %
    SSS: 11 %

  Of course these proportions are not fixed. If you like to buy some other ones, please contact us.

    The top shell meat is boiled, frozen and packed in cartons. Each carton consists of two blocks (8kg each) frozen top shell meat.
    We export in 20 or 40 ft refrigerated containers from Bulgaria port of Varna.

Nutrition facts about top shell meat: Our products are very delicious and healthy. Top shell meat is rich of pure biological protein - 23.8 %. Very important in Rapana Venosa structure is the protein hemocyaninem, which can only be found in some molluscs and some arthropods such as the horseshoe crab. There is also a great presence of microelements like zinc, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus etc. Top shell meat is rich of vitamins C, A, E, B6B12 groups, which are necessary for our vital functions.

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