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BG SEA Production Ltd (Ribex Topshell Ltd) is one of the largest companies, processing high quality top shell meat, in Bulgaria. We perform all stages of gathering, transportation, producing,...

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BG SEA Production Ltd offers its customers high quality top shell meat /Rapana Thomasiana/, gathered from Black Sea coast. It is better known as Rapana Venosa. Details about our products can be seen...

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email address: info@thomasiana.com

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Dimitar Grozdev 00359888206431

Plamen Indjov 00359888691863

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Due to our long term experience in the industry, we, people of BG SEA Production Ltd (Ribex Topshell Ltd) have created and developed not just a company, but a relationship with our customers and partners. Our organization principles are based on:

  • correctness
  • quality
  • competitive prices
  • direct contact

    Our strong belief is that loyalty and exact answering of our customers’ needs is the key of our success. The company's aim is to keep and increase the quality of work, which would strengthen its domestic and international relations. Because of that it is a bipartite process, we are open to any proposals and suggestions, made by our customers, meant to improve our performance. We believe that in future we will work more successfully together and will continue cultivating business contacts on a higher and more profesional level.

Respectfully yours:

/Ivo Indjov - executive director/

BG SEA Production
Contact person
Dimitar Grozdev - 00359888206431
Tiop Zakaryan - 00359887073333
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